Smythe March 20th U.s. & Environment Paper Money Auction

Manhattan, NY – March 13, 2008 – The R. M. Smythe & Enterprise spring paper cash auction on March 20th 2008 will offer you 890 plenty of paper funds at their Manhattan workplace. One of the most interesting plenty of world banknotes could be the specimens of Siam banknotes, specifically the 20, 80, and 100 Tical denominations, will be thought to be the only good examples know to are present. They once resided in a Paris museum, had been purchased by a supplier 15 years back for $90,000, and lately were possessed by the President of the Thailand Numismatic Association.

Smythe March 20th U.s. & Environment Paper Money Auction Siamese text

The spring sale may also include a wide range of U.S. and Universe Notes, incorporating; U.S. Large & Small size, 50’s and 100’s FRN’s Tiny Size Collection, U.S. Small Size Mistakes, U.S. Fractional Currency, National Banknotes, Colonial Currency, Historic Paperwork, Confederate Currency and Bonds, Obsolete Currency, Obsolete Linens and miscellaneous historical things. A few of the more noteworthy plenty include:

Lot # 234 – Banque de l’Indo-Chine. [Estimate $100,000 to $125,000] Decree of 21.1.1875 and 20.2.1888. Bangkok. 1) 19.12.1898. 5 Ticals. P-S101. Specimen. Emerald green with printed day. Vignette on still left depicting oriental woman positioning bamboo shoot seated below “France” possessing caduceus. Bank of France design of numeration with serial quantity 000 and block amount 0.0. Worth in English and French. Faux magenta watermark of girl. Two engraved signatures. Text message in Chinese and Siamese overprinted in dark on back. Impeccable state. Uncirculated. 2) 5 Ticals. Specimen. Similar to 1st specimen but without day, zero numerals or faux watermark on entrance. Only 1 engraved signature. Overprint of Chinese and Siamese text message absent from back, but Chinese text in the guts is published in emeral green with all of those other back. Uncirculated. 3) 6.12.1898. 20 Ticals. P-S102. Dark brown with reclining Neptune positioning trident at still left. Back has dark overprint in Chinese and Siamese. Zero numerals overprinted on front side in black together with the magenta faux watermark. Two engraved signatures. Space remaining blank for handwritten or affixed signature for Le Caissierde l’Agence. Uncirculated. 4) 7.11.1898. 80 Ticals. P-S103. Mild blue with two elephants at remaining and proper pillars, two reclining ladies with a tiger and a normal water buffalo at lower centre. Overprinting similar compared to that on the 20 Tical notice, and signature block of Caissier de l’Agence kept blank. Uncirculated. 5) 31.2.1898. 100 Ticals. P-S104. Crimson with Vasco de Gama at kept and Polynesian person with paddle above dragon boat at best. Sailing ships at lower centre. Overprintings very similar to those in the last three plenty and signature region of Caissier de l’Agence left blank. Uncirculated. [5]

With the authorization of the Ministry of the Colonies, the lender of Indochina opened up a branch lender in Bangkok on 22 February 1897. The printing of banknotes for employ use in Siam was initially considered on April 27, 1897, and a number of four ideals (5, 20, 80 and 100 Ticals) adopted the look of the first group of notes released for Indochine but with texts and colorings modified. Each value includes a different design, and there are many dates.

Lot # 235 – Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Company. 18xx. 400 Ticals. [Estimate $15,000 to $20,000] P-S127r2. Salmon and green front side with Chinese and Siamese text message overprinted in dark. Royal arms at major center. Red-orange again with Siamese text message overprinted in dark-colored. Two vertical “CANCELLED” perforations. Date of Dec 1895 handwritten in dark ink in the top proper margin. Highest denomination reported in the typical catalog. Extremely rare. Includes a corner tip fold plus some light glue remnant along a margin in the trunk. Choice AU.

Lot # 247 – Thomas De La Rue. [Estimate $20,000 to $25,000] Presentation album with front side and back design and style proofs for an unissued 1000 Baht notice. The purple on multicolored entrance includes a portrait of King Rama IX at the still left in Discipline Marshall’s uniform that carefully resembles the portrait on the 1 Baht notice of the 1953-56ND issue. The trunk in the proper recessed panel includes a central vignette showing actions surrounding the key regional items of Thailand: rubber, lumber, seafood, and rice. There are present proofs of unadopted lower denomination notes whose backs each individually depict among these activities. Uncirculated.

This album was once possessed by the President of the Currency Table and is thought to be unique. There is minimal corner don on the crimson album, and some minimal foxing on the internal boards, however the essai proofs themselves will be dazzling and problem free.

Lot # 298 – $10. Fr.95B.1863. No.5317. Choice Uncirculated. [Estimate $12,500 to $15,000] A lovely, fresh note with fantastic colors and paper top quality. The only quibble will be a tiny corner suggestion fold in the top right that extends simply 1mm in to the note. Centered correctly on the trunk and shifted slightly directly on the front. Opportunities to obtain this type in high grade are becoming few in number.

Lot # 523 – California Ch.12454. LA. Pacific NB. $50. Fr.685. [Estimate $8500 to $9500] 1902 PB. Zero.7 B. 63 Decision Uncirculated. Among the 15 single-digit $50 1902PBs documented in T&P which all quality a comparable as this part. They are incredibly quick sellers, and offer never will keep up with demand. Superb embossing and originality could be plainly found through the PMG 63 EPQ holder.

Lot # 296 – $5. Fr.70. 1880. Zero.Z357532. Gem Uncirculated. [Estimate $8000 to $10,000] One of many finest known large brown seal Fr-70 Legals. The embossing and general originality are plainly discernable through the CGC Gem65 holder. The PMG population statement displays two 65s and one 66. A PMG63 sold this past year for $9200. This magnificence should fetch at least that sum.

Lot # 596 – Continental Currency Counterfeit Detector. Action of September 26, 1778. Pane of $5-$7-$8-$20-$40-$50-$60. [Estimate $4000 to $8000] Blue paper. Counterfeit detectors were printed applying using the plates and distributed to banking institutions and merchants to avoid fraud. The blue color was designed to quit the notes from becoming loaded in and circulated. Extremely uncommon in sheet kind. Three small advantage split on the kept margin, otherwise Uncirculated.

Lot # 301 – $100. Fr.204. 1863. EF-AU. [Estimate $6000 to $8000] Lovely obverse proof the $100 Two-year Fascination Bearing Notice with three discount codes attached. Printed on major paper. Plate letter A good. Dated December 1, 1963. Three tiny hole cancellations through each signature on the take note, and two each through Chittenden’s solo signature on the coupon codes. The paper has got all razor-sharp corners with two vertical folds, one through the guts and one along the border with the discount codes. Only two issued illustrations are regarded, and albeit not practically as rare, proofs are incredibly scarce.. The plate letter D evidence in VF state sold earlier this season for $6900.

“Our March 20th sale will probably have several very exceptional items, but the most the plenty offered will be remarkable top quality banknotes with pre-auction estimates that place them well within selection of the common collector.” stated Mary Herzog, Vice President of R.M. Smythe & Company. “The caliber of the Globe Banknotes we are providing at this sale is incredibly high. Collectors of the notes will have an incredible possibility to purchase some truly fantastic examples.”

Lots will be accessible for looking at at Smythe’s offices at 2 Rector Street, in NEW YORK, by appointment only. To set up for an appointment phone R. M.Smythe & Co. at 800-622-1880. For updates upon this auction check Smythe’s web page at This auction may also be carried out with eBay Live/LiveAuctioneers. A full catalog of most 890 lots including photographs and estimates can be looked at online at: . Choose “Current Auctions” in the still left column.

Accredited media enthusiastic about scheduling an interview to go over this launching or past & upcoming auctions should speak to Mary Herzog at 212-943-1880. High res photographs are also available after request.

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