11 of Best Traxxas Stampede Parts

Note: Upgrading your Traxxas Stampede parts not only enhances its power but also gives it a cool new look. The following list highlights essential upgrades to unlock the full potential of your Stampede.

  1. Shock Caps: Upgrade the shock caps to durable aluminum ones to prevent damage to the internal shock components during jumps and falls.
  2. Caster Blocks: Enhance steering control by replacing the stock plastic caster blocks with either aluminum ones from Traxxas or high-quality plastic blocks from brands like RPM.
  3. Servo: Replace the stock servo with a more powerful and reliable option like Traxxas 2075 or the ZOSKAY servo for improved steering performance.
  4. Suspension Arms: Upgrade the suspension arms to ensure better handling and increased durability when facing high jumps and rough terrains. Opt for aluminum arms for enhanced performance.
  5. Camber Links: Protect your Traxxas Stampede from side falls by replacing the stock plastic camber links with adjustable aluminum turnbuckles. This upgrade provides added suspension support.
  6. Wheelie Bar: Install a wheelie bar to prevent flipping and improve acceleration and control. Choose between plastic or aluminum wheelie bars for added stability.
  7. Traxxas Stampede Wheels: While not essential, aftermarket wheels offer improved traction and a variety of design options to enhance the look of your Stampede.
  8. Wheel Pins: When changing wheels, consider upgrading the wheel pins as well. Aluminum pins provide better durability and come in various colors to complement your Traxxas Stampede parts.
  9. Lights: Add lights to your Traxxas Stampede for a customized look and enjoy night driving with the added headlights and red lights. It adds to the fun and enjoyment.
  10. Skid Plates: Protect your chassis from damage during high jumps and crashes by installing skid plates. These plates help safeguard the plastic chassis and keep it in good condition.

By investing in these Traxxas Stampede parts, you can unlock the full potential of your RC truck while adding a personalized touch. Enjoy improved performance, enhanced durability, and a standout appearance with these essential upgrades.

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