9 Best Traxxas Hoss Upgrades

Upgrading your Traxxas Hoss RC car is a fantastic way to enhance its performance and take your driving experience to new heights. Whether you’re looking to increase speed, durability, or overall capabilities, these top Traxxas Hoss upgrades will surely impress.

  1. Batteries: Start with a battery upgrade to significantly improve speed and performance. Consider options like 2s, 3s, or even 4s batteries, depending on your desired level of power and speed. Ensure compatibility and consider upgrading the battery strap for better fitment.
  2. Tires: Upgrade the stock tires for enhanced durability and performance. Opt for tires designed for specific terrains like sand, mud, or snow, depending on your off-roading preferences. This upgrade ensures improved traction and better handling.
  3. Steering Servo: Enhance steering control by upgrading the stock steering servo. Choose a servo with greater power, speed, and durability to handle the demands of high-speed driving and challenging terrains. Consider upgrading the driveshafts as well to maintain optimal performance.
  4. Aluminum Shocks: Replace the stock plastic shocks with aluminum shocks to improve durability and handling. Upgrading to aluminum shocks provides better suspension performance, allowing your Traxxas Hoss to handle jumps, bumps, and rough terrains with ease.
  5. Shock Caps: Complement your upgraded shocks with high-quality shock caps. Upgrading the shock caps ensures compatibility and prevents potential issues caused by unbalanced components. This simple upgrade enhances overall shock performance and durability.
  6. Suspension Arms: Upgrade the suspension arms with aluminum counterparts to enhance durability and reliability. These upgraded arms can handle more pressure and maintain suspension performance, minimizing the risk of part failures during intense off-road driving.
  7. Traxxas Link: Enhance your Traxxas Hoss experience with the Traxxas Link system. This device, when connected to your phone via the Traxxas app, provides valuable information about your RC car, such as speed, temperature, and location. Stay informed and optimize your Hoss’s performance with this convenient upgrade.
  8. Wheels Hexes: Replace the stock wheel hexes with aluminum or upgraded options. These hexes ensure a secure and stable tire fit, reducing the risk of tires coming off during intense bashing sessions. Opt for materials that offer superior strength and reliability.
  9. Battery Chargers: Upgrade your battery charger to a high-quality, fast-charging option. A reliable charger ensures quick and efficient charging of your batteries, minimizing downtime between runs. Consider chargers with advanced features like balance charging and compatibility with various battery types.
  10. Body Accessories: Customize the look of your Traxxas Hoss with body accessories such as decals, lights, or roll cages. These upgrades not only add a personal touch to your RC car but also provide added protection and visibility during nighttime driving.

By incorporating these top Traxxas Hoss upgrades into your RC car, you’ll elevate its performance, durability, and aesthetics. Enjoy the thrill of off-road adventures with confidence, knowing that your Traxxas Hoss is equipped with the best upgrades available.

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