Best Powerful Traxxas Maxx Upgrades

Upgrading your Traxxas Maxx RC car can take your driving experience to new heights, providing more power, durability, and enjoyment. With the following top Traxxas Maxx upgrades, you can unlock the full potential of your vehicle.

  1. Traxxas Maxx Wheels: Upgrade your stock wheels for improved performance and durability. Aftermarket wheels offer better quality, enhanced traction, and a more aggressive look. Consider options like black, blue, orange, chrome, or red wheels.
  2. Servo: Enhance your steering capabilities by upgrading the stock servo. Choose a waterproof servo with increased power and speed to improve responsiveness and control. Consider the TRA2085X servo with a Traxxas X-Maxx servo adapter for compatibility.
  3. Fan: Install a cooling fan to prevent overheating of your Maxx’s motor. A fan helps maintain optimal temperatures during intense driving sessions, ensuring the longevity and performance of your vehicle. Monitor motor temperature through the Traxxas Link app for added convenience.
  4. Suspension Kit: Upgrade to a suspension kit for superior performance, handling, and stability. These kits typically include extreme-duty suspension arms, links, rear springs, and an extended plastic driveshaft. Enjoy improved cornering and a wider stance with this comprehensive upgrade.
  5. Driveshafts: Replace the stock plastic driveshafts with steel driveshafts to enhance durability and prevent failures. Upgraded driveshafts can withstand high levels of torque and provide better power transfer, ensuring a smoother and more reliable driving experience.
  6. Wheel Hubs: Upgrade your wheel hubs from plastic to aluminum for increased strength and stability. Aluminum wheel hubs offer better tire fixation and can handle the increased pressure from upgraded tires and suspension components.
  7. Traxxas Link Bluetooth: Enhance your RC car experience by connecting your Traxxas Maxx to the Traxxas Link app via Bluetooth. This allows you to access valuable data, such as motor temperature, speed, and GPS location. Stay informed and optimize your driving performance.
  8. Carbon Battery Tray: Increase battery options by using a carbon battery tray that accommodates larger 6s batteries. This upgrade enables you to unleash the full power of your Maxx with higher voltage batteries and experience record-breaking speeds.
  9. Gearing: Upgrade the gearing to increase the speed of your Traxxas Maxx. By replacing the stock gear with a larger one, you can achieve higher speeds. However, be mindful of potential temperature increases and install a fan to cool the motor.
  10. Shock Caps: Replace the stock plastic shock caps with aluminum shock caps for improved durability and performance. Aluminum shock caps can handle greater pressure, especially during high jumps, ensuring reliable shock absorption.

With these top Traxxas Maxx upgrades, you can optimize your RC car’s performance, durability, and appearance. Each upgrade contributes to an enhanced driving experience, providing more excitement and fun. Choose the upgrades that suit your preferences and enjoy pushing your Traxxas Maxx to the limit.

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