Best Traxxas Drag Slash with the New Fox-Body

The Traxxas Drag Slash has gained immense popularity as one of the best Traxxas RC cars on the market, thanks to its exclusive Drag Mode that sets it apart from other models. Initially introduced with the Chevy C10 style and body, the Drag Slash now offers an even cooler option—the Fox-Body Mustang style. But is it worth upgrading to this new style? Let’s find out.

Comparing the Drag Slash Chevy C10 style to the Fox-Body Mustang style, they share similar dimensions with a few small differences in length and height. The Fox-Body Mustang is slightly longer by a few millimeters but shorter by about 1 inch (26mm). Additionally, the new body features a spoiler and comes with four clips for attachment.

While some may have hoped for a clipless design, Traxxas maintained the same chassis for the Drag Slash, making it impractical to incorporate clipless features without specific chassis modifications. Nevertheless, Traxxas has done an excellent job in designing the Fox-Body Mustang style with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a truly distinct appearance.

Now, the question arises: Which style do you prefer, the Fox-Body Mustang or the Chevy C10? The choice ultimately comes down to personal preference and individual taste. Some enthusiasts may appreciate the classic and aggressive look of the C10, while others may be captivated by the sleek and iconic design of the Fox-Body Mustang.

If you’re interested in getting the Fox-Body Mustang style, it’s worth noting that Traxxas has announced its availability in stores starting from March 31, 2023. However, if you already own a Drag Slash with the Chevy C10 style, you don’t necessarily need to purchase another model. Instead, you can wait for the Mustang body to become available in the aftermarket and then consider swapping it with your existing C10 body for a refreshed RC car experience.

The beauty of changing your RC car’s body and style lies in the ability to avoid boredom and reignite the excitement of driving. Upgrading to the Fox-Body Mustang style can make your RC car feel brand new, providing a sense of rejuvenation and renewed enjoyment.

In conclusion, the decision to upgrade to the Traxxas Drag Slash with the Fox-Body Mustang style ultimately depends on your personal preferences and desire for a fresh look. Both styles have their unique appeal, so choose the one that resonates with you and enhances your RC car experience.

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