The Best Traxxas Drift Cars You Should Consider

Introduction: In this article, we will present the best Traxxas drift cars that are worth considering for your RC car collection. While Traxxas is renowned for its versatile RC cars, many people are unaware of their impressive lineup of drift cars. If you’re passionate about drifting and enjoy the thrill of controlling your own RC car, a Traxxas drift car is a must-have. These cars are not only easy to upgrade and customize but also deliver exceptional performance on the track. Let’s explore the top Traxxas drift cars available and let you decide which one suits your preferences.

Traxxas Ford Fiesta: A Rally Car Transformed for Drifting The Traxxas Ford Fiesta may have the appearance of a rally car, but its low center of gravity and wide-body design make it an excellent choice for drifting. While this model doesn’t feature a brushless motor, its performance is perfectly suited for drifting. Simply add a 2s Lipo battery, and the Traxxas Ford Fiesta can reach speeds of up to 30 mph. Experience the joy of drifting with this versatile RC car.

Traxxas Ford Mustang: The Ultimate Drift Supercar The Traxxas Mustang is not only an iconic supercar in real life but also an exceptional drift car in the RC world. With its low center of gravity and wider rear wheels, the Mustang is built to excel in drifting. The 4-tec 2.0 AWD chassis, powered by a Titan™ 12T 550 modified motor and a High-Performance Waterproof XL-5™ Electronic Speed Control, provides the perfect platform for intense drift sessions. By pairing the Mustang with a 2s Lipo battery, you can unlock its full power and achieve speeds of up to 30 mph. If you’re a fan of the Mustang and have a passion for drifting, this RC supercar is an ideal choice.

Traxxas Latrax Rally: Compact Size, Big Drifts The Traxxas Latrax Rally is a small-scale RC car known for its exceptional drifting capabilities. Despite its compact size, it features a ground-hugging design that enables impressive drift maneuvers. This 4WD vehicle comes with frictionless wheels, providing the freedom to perform smooth and controlled drifts. Equipped with a Powerful 370 motor and all-weather electronics, including waterproof components, the Latrax Rally is ready for any drift challenge. Additionally, it offers great value for money, making it an accessible choice for those seeking an enjoyable drifting experience.

Traxxas Ford GT: Precision and Power in Drifting The Traxxas Ford GT is a stunning replica of the real-life supercar, meticulously designed to deliver exceptional performance in drifting. With its detailed bodywork and aerodynamic-friendly design, the Ford GT turns heads on the track. Sharing the same chassis as the Mustang, it features a Titan™ 12T 550 modified motor with an internal cooling fan and a High-Performance Waterproof XL-5™ Electronic Speed Control. By utilizing a 2s Lipo battery, this Traxxas drift car can reach speeds of over 30 mph. Whether you’re a fan of the Ford GT or looking for a high-performance drifting experience, this RC car won’t disappoint.

Traxxas Stingray: The Latest Innovation in Drift Cars The Traxxas Stingray is a recent addition to their drift car lineup and offers enhanced performance and stability. With the updated 4-tec 3.0 chassis, the Stingray boasts a wider base, ensuring improved stability during drifts. Like its counterparts, it features a Powerful Titan™ 12T 550 modified motor with an internal cooling fan and a High-Performance Waterproof XL-5™ Electronic Speed Control. With the addition of a 2s Lipo battery, the Stingray can reach speeds of over 30 mph. With its sleek design and exceptional performance, the Traxxas Stingray is a top contender in the world of RC drift cars.

Conclusion: Traxxas offers a range of exceptional drift cars that cater to different preferences and budgets. Whether you choose the rally-inspired Ford Fiesta, the iconic Ford Mustang, the compact Latrax Rally, the sleek Ford GT, or the innovative Stingray, you can expect thrilling drift experiences. Each model features unique characteristics, such as low center of gravity, wider rear wheels, and advanced electronics, ensuring optimal performance on the track. Embrace the excitement of drifting with a Traxxas drift car and enjoy endless hours of fun and adrenaline-pumping RC car action.

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