Tires: Improving Performance and Appearance

Adding upgrades and parts to your Traxxas Latrax Teton RC car can be a fun and enjoyable experience, especially considering the relatively low cost compared to other Traxxas models. It presents a great opportunity for your child to learn more about RC cars, foster creativity, and even inspire them to create their own RC car from scratch in the future.

However, it’s important to choose the right upgrades and compatible parts for your RC car to avoid wasting time and money. In this article, we will explore some of the best Traxxas Latrax Teton upgrades that you can add to your vehicle right now.

Tires: Improving Performance and Appearance

Upgrading the tires on your Traxxas Latrax Teton is essential for off-roading performance. Better-quality tires can significantly enhance your RC car’s ability to climb obstacles and navigate rough terrain. Additionally, upgrading to larger tires can give your vehicle a more aggressive and sporty appearance.

While there are no specific Proline tires made specifically for the Latrax Teton, you can consider using Proline tires designed for the E-Revo 1/16 (availability may vary). These tires provide excellent performance and fit well on the Teton.

Headlights: Adding a Personal Touch

Adding headlights to your Traxxas Latrax Teton can be a fun and affordable upgrade. You have the option to purchase ready-to-use headlights or create your own custom headlights. Following a tutorial, such as the one provided by darkeclipticheart’s YouTube channel, you can gather the necessary components and assemble your own headlights.

To create your own headlights, you will need various components, including LED lights, plastic LED holders, a battery holder, AA batteries, a slide switch panel, screws and nuts, wire, shrink tubing, a soldering kit, and tools such as a screwdriver, wire stripper, cutter, pliers, drill bit, lighter or heat gun, hot glue gun, and duct tape.

Suspension Arms: Enhancing Handling and Durability

The suspension arms of your Traxxas Latrax Teton play a crucial role in handling pressure during off-road driving and high-speed runs. The stock plastic arms may not provide the durability needed for intense driving. Upgrading to aluminum suspension arms offers increased strength and reliability, allowing your RC car to handle challenging terrain more effectively. Additionally, aluminum suspension arms are available in various colors, allowing you to customize your Latrax Teton’s appearance.

Tires Hexes: Maintaining Balance and Power

When upgrading your RC car, it’s essential to maintain a balance between various components. The stock plastic hexes that hold the wheels in place may not be able to handle the increased power that comes with upgrading the tires. To ensure balance and prevent the hexes from popping off under pressure, it is recommended to upgrade to aluminum hexes. Aluminum hexes provide added strength and durability, allowing your wheels to remain securely fixed to your Latrax Teton.

Battery: Powering Your Upgrades

Upgrading your Traxxas Latrax Teton’s battery is a basic yet impactful upgrade. A higher-performance battery can provide increased power and runtime for your RC car. Choose a battery that is compatible with your Teton and offers improved performance. Upgrading the battery is a simple process that can be done quickly and easily.

Battery Strap: Securing Your Battery

Upgrading the battery strap is another important consideration when changing your Traxxas Latrax Teton’s battery. The stock battery holders may not accommodate different battery sizes, requiring you to remove the battery holder cap to install a new battery. To ensure a secure fit, a flexible battery strap is highly recommended. Battery straps can be easily installed and provide a reliable way to secure your upgraded battery.

Driveshafts: Handling Power Transmission

The driveshafts in your Traxxas Latrax Teton are responsible for transmitting power from the motor to the wheels. These components play a critical role in ensuring smooth power delivery. Upgrading the driveshafts is essential, as the stock plastic driveshafts may not be able to handle the pressure, particularly during high jumps or crashes. Aluminum driveshafts offer exceptional strength and durability, ensuring reliable power transmission and minimizing the risk of failure.

C-Hubs: Connecting Suspension System and Wheels

C-Hubs are crucial components that link the suspension system to the wheels in your Traxxas Latrax Teton. These parts gather various suspension components and ensure they work together seamlessly. Given the amount of pressure they endure, it is vital to have robust C-Hubs. Upgrading to aluminum C-Hubs provides increased strength and durability, ensuring a reliable connection between the body and the wheels of your RC car.

By incorporating these Traxxas Latrax Teton upgrades into your RC car, you can improve its performance, durability, and appearance. Remember to choose upgrades that are compatible with your specific model and consider the balance between different components. Enjoy the process of upgrading your Traxxas Latrax Teton and have fun exploring the enhanced capabilities of your RC car.

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