Top 10 Traxxas Summit Upgrades to Enhance Performance and Durability

  1. Battery Upgrade: Power up your Traxxas Summit with 2s LiPo batteries for increased performance.
  2. Tire Enhancement: Improve off-road capabilities and give your RC car a stylish look with upgraded tires.
  3. Body Transformation: Choose from a variety of bodies to customize the appearance of your Traxxas Summit.
  4. Servo Enhancement: Upgrade the servos for improved performance and responsiveness.
  5. Wheelie Bar Addition: Add stability and prevent flipping with a stainless steel wheelie bar.
  6. Aluminum Push Rods: Enhance the durability of your suspension system with aluminum push rods.
  7. Suspension Arm Upgrade: Strengthen your Traxxas Summit with aluminum suspension arms.
  8. Rocker Arm Replacement: Ensure a reliable connection between push rods and shocks with aluminum rocker arms.
  9. Hex Hub Upgrade: Boost wheel security and durability with aluminum hex hubs.
  10. Skid Plate Protection: Shield the chassis from damage during rough off-road adventures with skid plates.

These Traxxas Summit upgrades will enhance the performance, durability, and appearance of your RC car. Choose the appropriate options for your specific model and enjoy an improved driving experience with your Traxxas Summit.

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