Top 10 Traxxas XRT Upgrades to Enhance Your RC Car


The Traxxas XRT is an exciting new RC car in the market, and if you’re a proud owner, it’s time to consider some Traxxas XRT upgrades to elevate your driving experience. While the car is already impressive, adding upgrades allows you to customize and enhance its performance. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 Traxxas XRT upgrades available to take your RC car to the next level.

1. Body Upgrades

Upgrading the body of your Traxxas XRT is one of the simplest and most effective modifications. Besides replacing a damaged body, changing the color or style can enhance your driving experience. The Traxxas XRT offers different body options, such as Green Buen Red, Orange, and transparent, which can be customized further with stickers to suit your preferences.

2. Suspension Arms

The suspension arms on the Traxxas XRT, inherited from the WideMaxx, provide exceptional rigidity and handling. Upgrading to aluminum suspension arms not only improves the durability but also offers customization options with different colors available, such as Green, Orange, and Blue. When purchasing, ensure you select the correct type (upper or lower) and distinguish between left and right arms.

3. LED Light Kit

Adding an LED light kit to your Traxxas XRT is a fantastic upgrade, especially for nighttime driving. Not only does it enhance the appearance of your RC car, but it also improves visibility during low-light conditions. Experience the thrill of driving your illuminated Traxxas XRT with the light kit.

4. Transmitter Upgrade

While the stock transmitter of the Traxxas XRT works perfectly fine, consider upgrading to a more powerful 4-channel transmitter. This upgrade provides extended range and enhanced control over your RC car. Investing in a higher-quality transmitter can greatly improve your overall driving experience.

5. Shocks

The Traxxas XRT comes equipped with durable GTX shocks. However, upgrading to aftermarket shocks can offer additional customization options, such as different colors. If you enjoy personalizing your RC car or need replacements, consider aftermarket shocks to give your Traxxas XRT a unique look.

6. Shock Caps

The shock caps, found on the top of the shocks, are small but crucial components. If you happen to lose one or simply want to match the color of your aftermarket shocks, you can purchase individual shock caps in different colors, including Green, Red, Blue, and Black.

7. Springs

Upgrading the springs on your Traxxas XRT offers flexibility in adjusting the suspension performance. Springs come in various stiffness and rates, allowing you to fine-tune the handling characteristics based on your driving style and the terrain. Higher spring rate numbers indicate firmer springs, providing a different driving experience.

8. Tires and Wheels

One of the easiest and most effective upgrades for any RC car is replacing the tires and wheels. With a wide variety available, you can choose the appropriate tires based on the terrain you’ll be driving on. Likewise, the wheels come in different designs and shapes, enabling further customization.

9. Wheel Hubs

Upgrading the plastic wheel hubs of the Traxxas XRT to aluminum hubs can enhance performance and durability. Aluminum hubs provide increased strength, ensuring they can withstand the power of your RC car. Additionally, they come in various colors, allowing you to personalize your Traxxas XRT further.

10. Speed Gears

Although the Traxxas XRT comes with speed gears, aftermarket gears with different sizes are available. These gears offer varied driving sensations and enjoyment. Experimenting with different gear sizes allows you to discover what suits your preferences best and adds a new level of excitement to your driving experience.


With these top 10 Traxxas XRT upgrades, you can transform your RC car into a personalized and high-performance machine. Whether you choose to modify the body, suspension arms, lights, transmitter, shocks, shock caps, springs, tires, wheels, wheel hubs, or speed gears, each upgrade contributes to an enhanced driving experience. Embrace the world of customization and unleash the full potential of your Traxxas XRT RC car.

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