Top Traxxas Maxx Upgrades for Enhanced Performance and Fun

  1. Wheels: Upgrade to aftermarket wheels for better performance and durability. Look for options that are larger, more aggressive, and made from higher-quality materials.
  2. Servo: Upgrade to a more powerful and responsive steering servo for improved control and handling. Choose a waterproof servo that can handle the demands of off-road driving.
  3. Fan: Install a cooling fan to prevent the motor from overheating during intense driving sessions. Make sure to monitor motor temperature and choose a fan that is compatible with the Traxxas Maxx.
  4. Suspension Kit: Consider upgrading the suspension system with an aftermarket kit for improved stability, handling, and cornering. Look for kits that include heavy-duty suspension arms, links, rear springs, and extended drive shafts.
  5. Driveshafts: Replace the stock plastic driveshafts with stronger steel or aluminum ones for increased durability and better performance. Choose the appropriate driveshafts based on your suspension setup.
  6. Wheel Hubs: Upgrade to aluminum wheel hubs for better wheel fixation and improved durability. Choose hubs that match your desired color scheme and provide a secure fit for the wheels.
  7. Traxxas Link Bluetooth: Install the Traxxas Link device on your controller and connect it to your smartphone using the Traxxas app. This allows you to access telemetry data, customize settings, and track your Traxxas Maxx’s performance.
  8. Carbon Battery Tray: Use a carbon battery tray to accommodate larger batteries, such as 6s, for increased power and speed. Ensure that the tray is compatible with the Traxxas Maxx and provides a secure fit for the battery.
  9. Gearing: Upgrade the gearing to increase the speed of your Traxxas Maxx. Replace the stock gear with a larger one to achieve higher top speeds. Keep in mind that gearing changes may increase motor and component temperatures, so monitor them closely.
  10. Shock Caps: Replace the stock plastic shock caps with aluminum ones for improved durability, especially during high jumps and rough driving. Choose caps in colors that match your preferences or color scheme.

By incorporating these Traxxas Maxx upgrades, you can enhance the performance, durability, and overall enjoyment of your RC car. Make sure to choose upgrades that suit your driving style and preferences.

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