Top Upgrades for Your Traxxas Bandit: Unlocking Its True Potential

If you own a Traxxas Bandit and are looking to enhance its performance, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the best upgrades for your Traxxas Bandit that will help unleash its true potential. Whether you have the 2WD version or the VXL version, these upgrades will take your RC car to the next level.

Traxxas Bandit Brushless Upgrade

If you have the VXL version of the Traxxas Bandit, you already have a brushless motor installed. However, if you have the 2WD version, upgrading to a brushless motor is one of the best enhancements you can make. A brushless motor will significantly increase the power and speed of your vehicle, delivering an exhilarating driving experience. It is important to ensure that the other components of your Bandit can handle the added power. Upgrading the spur gear, which transfers power from the motor to the central driveshaft, is crucial to ensure smooth operation. Traxxas offers an 86t Spur gear specifically designed to work seamlessly with brushless motors.

Traxxas Bandit Tires Upgrades

One common complaint about the Traxxas Bandit is its small wheels, which may not provide optimal performance at high speeds. Upgrading the tires is a worthwhile investment to improve traction and stability. One popular option is to replace the stock tires with Stampede tires, which offer superior performance and excellent grip. The larger size of these tires also allows for better grass driving capabilities. Alternatively, you can consider aftermarket tires specifically designed for the Traxxas Bandit, which offer improved quality and durability.

Wheel Hubs

With upgraded tires, it is essential to have strong and reliable wheel hubs to handle the increased demands. Aluminum wheel hubs provide enhanced strength and stability, ensuring that your wheels remain securely in place. Upgrading to aluminum wheel hubs will prevent wheel detachment during intense driving sessions, allowing you to fully enjoy your Traxxas Bandit.

Shock Towers

Protecting your Traxxas Bandit from damage is equally important as enhancing its power. The stock plastic shock towers may not provide adequate protection, especially when you’ve upgraded the brushless motor and other components. Upgrading to aluminum shock towers will offer ten times the strength of plastic, safeguarding your Bandit from potential damage during crashes and jumps. Aluminum shock towers are available for both the front and rear of the vehicle.


Alongside the shock tower upgrade, it is advisable to upgrade the shocks themselves. Upgraded oil-filled shocks provide superior performance on various terrains, offering better control and stability. These shocks are not only visually appealing but also enhance the driving experience. They ensure smooth landings during high jumps and provide excellent handling on and off-road.


Upgrading your battery is a simple and effective way to enhance the performance of your Traxxas Bandit. The Traxxas Bandit is compatible with both 2s and 3s LiPo batteries. The 3s LiPo battery, when paired with a brushless motor, can significantly increase the speed of your Bandit, reaching up to 45mph. However, it is important to note that the 3s LiPo battery should only be used with a brushless motor, while the 2s LiPo battery can be used with both versions of the Traxxas Bandit.


Upgrading the servo is recommended, particularly after enhancing other components of your Traxxas Bandit. A more powerful servo ensures that the wheels can turn smoothly and keep up with the increased speed and power of the vehicle. Upgrading to a compatible servo will improve control and responsiveness, allowing you to fully enjoy the enhanced performance of your Bandit.

Wheelie Bar

The wheelie bar is an essential upgrade, especially for those with the 2WD version of the Traxxas Bandit. It prevents the car from flipping over backward during high-speed acceleration. The wheelie bar is already included in the VXL version but can be added separately to the 2WD version. This upgrade ensures stability and prevents accidents when going full throttle.

Front and Rear Axles

The front and rear axles are critical components responsible for transferring power from the central driveshaft to the wheels. Upgrading these axles to more robust options will increase their durability and prevent breakage during crashes and jumps. Aluminum front and rear axles are available as reliable replacements for the stock parts.

By implementing these top upgrades for your Traxxas Bandit, you will unlock its true potential and enjoy an enhanced RC car experience. Remember to choose compatible parts and enjoy the thrilling performance of your upgraded Traxxas Bandit.

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