Traxxas Drag Slash: Chevy C10 Style vs. Fox-Body Mustang Style


Traxxas Drag Slash is undoubtedly one of the finest Traxxas RC cars available in the market today. What sets it apart is the exclusive Drag Mode feature, making it stand out among other Traxxas RC cars. While it initially comes with the classic and aggressive Chevy C10 style, there’s something even cooler available now—the Fox-Body Mustang Style. Let’s dive into the details and explore the differences between these two styles.

The Chevy C10 Style

The Drag Slash with the Chevy C10 style offers a timeless and aggressive appearance. Its classic design captivates RC car enthusiasts and showcases a distinct charm. The Chevy C10 body brings a sense of nostalgia and is sure to turn heads when you take it out for a drive. It embodies a unique character that complements the power and performance of the Drag Slash.

The Fox-Body Mustang Style

Now, Traxxas introduces the Fox-Body Mustang style for the Drag Slash, which adds a new level of stunning aesthetics to the RC car. This style features the iconic Fox-Body Mustang body, renowned for its sleek lines and sporty look. By opting for the Fox-Body Mustang style, your Drag Slash undergoes a complete transformation. It becomes a head-turning RC car that exudes a blend of elegance and power.

A Comparison: Chevy C10 Style vs. Fox-Body Mustang Style

In terms of dimensions, the Fox-Body Mustang style is quite similar to the Chevy C10 style. There are slight variations in length and height between the two styles. The Fox-Body Mustang is slightly longer by a few millimeters but shorter by 1 inch (approximately 26mm). Additionally, the Fox-Body Mustang body comes with a spoiler and 4 clips.

Traxxas has retained the clip-based design for the Fox-Body Mustang style due to the unchanged chassis of the Drag Slash. To introduce a clipless feature, buttons would be required in the chassis, which are not available in the current Drag Slash chassis. Despite this, Traxxas has managed to create a stunning design with intricate details that give the Fox-Body Mustang style a distinct look, setting it apart from the Chevy C10 style.

Availability and Q&A

The Fox-Body Mustang style for the Drag Slash is expected to be available in stores by March 31, 2023, according to Traxxas. As for the chassis, it remains the same for both the Chevy C10 and Fox-Body Mustang styles. If you already own the Drag Slash with the Chevy C10 style, you don’t need to purchase another one. Instead, you can wait for the Mustang body to become available in the aftermarket.

Changing the body style of your RC car, such as opting for the Fox-Body Mustang, brings a fresh and exciting experience. It revitalizes the enjoyment and eliminates any boredom that may have arisen. The new body style makes your RC car feel brand new, reigniting the thrill of the first time you drove it.


The Traxxas Drag Slash offers the choice between the classic Chevy C10 style and the stunning Fox-Body Mustang style. Both styles have their unique appeal, and the decision ultimately comes down to personal preference. Whether you prefer the timeless aggression of the Chevy C10 or the sleek sportiness of the Fox-Body Mustang, the Drag Slash will continue to deliver exhilarating performance and an enjoyable RC car experience.

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