Traxxas Drag Slash: Unleash the Power on the Track

Traxxas is known for its impressive lineup of big and fast trucks like the Stampede and Maxx. However, they have now ventured into new territory with the Traxxas Drag Slash, a remarkable RC car designed specifically for drag racing. This vehicle stands out not only in its design but also in its performance, promising an exhilarating experience on the track.


The Body: The Traxxas Drag Slash features the iconic body of the 1967 classic Chevy C10, a masterpiece that will captivate antique car enthusiasts. What sets this body apart is the inclusion of real details such as the front bumper, grille, and headlights, offering an authentic touch not typically found in RC cars. However, the windows are represented by black stickers. Additionally, the car comes equipped with a rear spoiler and bumper, adding a sporty look while also enhancing aerodynamics. Notably, the Drag Slash features an elongated and rigid rear wheelie bar with five adjustable positions. This bar provides essential support and stability during high-speed acceleration, a crucial element for maximizing power output. While the bar needs to be installed separately using screws, the process is straightforward. The inclusion of oversized rear wheels further emphasizes the Drag Slash’s unique and powerful appearance.


The Traxxas Drag Slash shares its platform with the popular Traxxas Slash, which offers familiarity and trustworthiness to potential buyers. However, this is not merely a rehashed version of the Slash. The Drag Slash introduces new components that set it apart:

  1. Front Bumper: The Drag Slash features an upgraded front bumper that excels at handling and absorbing impacts, providing protection for both the body and internal components.
  2. Transmission: The Drag Slash is equipped with the Magnum 272R transmission, boasting all-metal gears, a sealed silicone-filled 4-gear differential, and an aluminum motor plate. These enhancements ensure durability, optimal performance, and efficient heat dissipation.
  3. Torque-Control Slipper Clutch: The Drag Slash utilizes a torque-control slipper clutch, which we will discuss further in the performance section.

These new additions, along with other technical improvements, differentiate the Drag Slash from its Slash counterpart, making it a truly unique vehicle.


The Motor and Transmission: The Drag Slash comes equipped with the powerful Velineon VXL-3s electronic speed control and a Velineon 3500Kv motor. This combination delivers exceptional torque, ensuring impressive acceleration on the track. Accompanying the high-performance motor is the aforementioned Magnum 272R transmission, which features a silicone-filled differential, steel gears, and an integrated input gear and top shaft. The all-new gearbox, complete with reinforced arm mounts, houses these components.

TSM (Traxxas Stability Management System) and the Radio: The Traxxas Drag Slash places great importance on providing an exceptional driving experience. It incorporates the renowned Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) system, which remains a standout feature in various Traxxas RC cars, including the X-Maxx, Maxx, and Rustler. The TSM helps maintain vehicle stability and enables drivers to focus on drag racing rather than constantly correcting the vehicle’s trajectory. The Drag Slash also includes a radio controller compatible with TSM, allowing users to enable, partially enable, or disable the system according to their preference. While disabling TSM may lead to increased challenges and a more unpredictable driving experience, it can be immensely rewarding for enthusiasts seeking full control over their vehicle.

Trans Brake System: One of the standout features of the Traxxas Drag Slash is the trans brake system, which instantly won my admiration. For those familiar with sports cars or supercars, you may have encountered launch control systems. The Traxxas trans brake system functions similarly to launch control in real cars, albeit with a different name. Launch control systems hold the vehicle’s acceleration power using the brakes, allowing for a balance between acceleration and braking forces. When the brakes are released, all the stored acceleration power is unleashed, resulting in a faster start.

The Drag Slash features a dedicated button on the radio controller in addition to the throttle trigger. By pressing the throttle button and simultaneously holding the brake button, the RC car accelerates without moving forward. This system requires fine-tuning the throttle percentage for optimal launches with minimal wheel spin.

Likes and Dislikes:

I have a strong appreciation for the Traxxas Drag Slash, but there is one issue that caught my attention during testing—the body. While the body is clean and bright, it is prone to scratches, which can be visible even from a distance, diminishing the overall aesthetics of the car.

On the positive side, there are numerous aspects of the Drag Slash that I thoroughly enjoy. The brake system and overall bodywork are exceptional, showcasing Traxxas’ dedication to technology and performance. I highly recommend the Drag Slash to anyone looking to add a new Traxxas vehicle to their collection.

Please note that the Traxxas Drag Slash is not yet available on Amazon. You can purchase it directly from the official Traxxas website using the following link:

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