Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 vs TRX4 Ford Bronco 1979: A Comparison

The Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 and TRX4 Ford Bronco 1979 are two impressive RC cars that share many similarities in terms of design and performance. Let’s explore each aspect of these RC cars and determine which one is better for you.

Design: Both the Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 and TRX4 Ford Bronco 1979 feature similar body designs, making it difficult to distinguish them at first glance. The front end of both cars includes a chrome bumper, square headlights, and a black grille with the Ford logo. The middle section showcases folding mirrors, windshield wipers, and other intricate details. The rear end differs, with the F150 featuring a pickup truck design and a full chrome roll bar, while the Bronco maintains its SUV appearance. Both bodies have real headlights and offer the convenience of clipless techniques.

Chassis: While the chassis of the two RC cars appears similar, there are notable differences. The Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 features an extended chassis, increasing stability and handling off-road. It also has larger tires and wheels, resulting in higher ground clearance. The TRX4 Ford Bronco 1979, on the other hand, comes with GTS Aluminum shocks. The TRX-4 Ford F150 adopts most of the off-road and 4WD system parts found in the High Trail edition and the 1979 Ford Bronco TRX-4.

Performance: In terms of performance, both the Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 and TRX4 Ford Bronco 1979 deliver similar speed and power. They come equipped with the powerful Titan 21T reverse rotation motor with an internal cooling fan and the trail-tuned XL-5 HV Waterproof Electronic Speed Control designed for 3s Lipo batteries. However, due to the F150’s higher wheels, extended chassis, and larger tires, it offers better crawling capabilities and can overcome higher obstacles with ease.

Transmitter and Receiver: Both RC cars come with the TQi 2.4GHz 4-channel transmitter and the Telemetry-ready 5-channel micro receiver with failsafe. The transmitter offers various features, including drive modes and the ability to enable Traxxas Link for additional information about the car. The receiver supports the Traxxas Link device, which can be purchased separately.

Upgrades: Since the two RC cars share many parts, the available aftermarket upgrades are quite similar. While specific upgrades for the Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 may be limited at the time of writing, you can still use many of the upgrades available for the TRX4 Ford Bronco 1979. Examples include light kits and other compatible parts.

Price: The prices of the Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 and TRX4 Ford Bronco 1979 are quite close, with the F150 being slightly more expensive. Both RC cars have premium prices and are considered top choices in the Traxxas TRX-4 lineup.

Conclusion: When comparing the Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 and TRX4 Ford Bronco 1979, the F150 stands out in terms of performance, handling, and reliability. Despite the slight price difference, the enhanced capabilities and crawling capabilities of the F150 make it a worthwhile investment. However, both RC cars are exceptional choices and provide an enjoyable off-road experience.

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