Traxxas Nitro Slash

If you’re considering purchasing a Traxxas Nitro Slash, this detailed review will provide you with all the information you need to know about this nitro RC car.

Traxxas Slash is a well-known and popular line of Traxxas RC cars, offering various versions such as the 2WD, 4WD, VXL, and 4×4 Ultimate. However, there’s an underrated variant that often goes unnoticed—the Traxxas Nitro Slash. This RC car, similar to the Revo 3.3, boasts many interesting features and is available in different Slash versions.

Let’s delve into the details of the Traxxas Nitro Slash in the following sections.


Traxxas Nitro Slash Body: At first glance, the Traxxas Nitro Slash body appears similar to the electric Slash. However, upon closer inspection, several differences become apparent. Notably, the nitro body incorporates intentional holes in the front and rear sections. These openings facilitate airflow to the motor, as nitro or fuel-powered engines require air to operate effectively. Despite the body being thin, it possesses excellent crash absorption capabilities, making it ideal for bashing. Furthermore, it lacks an internal cage or external skids, consisting solely of a plastic structure.

Front: The front section of the Traxxas Nitro Slash features a standard Slash body with sticker headlights and a large bumper connected to the chassis. The body comes with four clips—two in the front and two in the rear. Interestingly, the large front window includes a square hole, allowing air to flow to the motor. Additionally, the body boasts Traxxas stickers, adding a decorative touch.

Rear: The rear of the Traxxas Nitro Slash includes four significant holes, serving not only to allow the motor to breathe but also to vent air that has entered from the front. These rear openings contribute to aerodynamics, providing a functional purpose. Similar to the front and middle sections, the rear area features various stickers, enhancing the overall appearance.

Traxxas Nitro Slash Chassis: Unlike the body, the Traxxas Nitro Slash chassis bears no resemblance to the electric Slash chassis. In fact, they are entirely different. The Nitro Slash chassis is based on the Rustler Nitro chassis, specifically an extended version thereof. The chassis primarily consists of a metal layer for increased durability during high jumps or crashes, while other components are made of plastic. Despite its tall and thin profile, the chassis effectively houses all the necessary internal parts without issues.

Front: The front section of the chassis showcases a large bumper that covers a significant portion of the front body. Notably, there is ample distance between the bumper and the shocks, with an additional brace for enhanced protection. The shocks and body mounts are also made of plastic, maintaining consistency with the overall design. The front portion of the Nitro Slash, including the tires, closely resembles the electric Slash.

Middle and Rear: The middle and rear sections of the chassis house all the internal components of the Traxxas Nitro Slash. As with any nitro RC car, numerous intriguing elements can be found in this area. Notable components include the 150CC fuel tank, the motor, the EZ start engine, and the side-mounted exhaust (in contrast to the Revo 3.3). The chassis also incorporates an air filter, a critical component in any fuel engine. In the rear, the shocks are installed vertically, unlike the diagonal arrangement in the front, likely to handle the weight of the motor positioned just in front of them. Additionally, there is a robust, cage-shaped bumper in the rear.

Traxxas Nitro Slash Performance: As previously mentioned, the Traxxas Nitro Slash boasts powerful internal components, resulting in impressive performance. This 2WD nitro RC car can reach speeds exceeding 50mph, thanks to its 3.3 fuel engine and single-speed transmission (unlike the Revo 3.3, which features a 2-speed automatic transmission). While these components significantly contribute to its power, other factors also play a role, such as the servo, tires, gears, air filter, and more. The Traxxas Nitro Slash offers a wide range of upgrades and customization options, allowing enthusiasts to enhance its performance and tailor it to their preferences.

Traxxas Nitro Slash Transmitter and Receiver: The transmitter and receiver are vital components of any RC car, be it electric or nitro. They provide essential functionalities for the vehicle and contribute to an optimal driving experience. The Traxxas Nitro Slash comes equipped with the TQi 2.4GHz radio system. One notable feature of this transmitter is the Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) system. TSM helps maintain consistent driving direction by automatically adjusting the wheels to counteract sliding, enhancing control and reducing the risk of crashes. While some individuals may have mixed opinions about this system, its impact on driving can be controlled, with options to adjust its intensity or disable it entirely. Another noteworthy feature is the Traxxas Link, which enables users to monitor various aspects of the Nitro Slash’s health and performance via a smartphone app. By incorporating a Traxxas Link device into the transmitter and connecting it to the app via Bluetooth, users gain access to valuable information such as top speed, RPM, and engine temperature.

Traxxas Nitro Slash Upgrades: The Traxxas Slash series, including the Nitro Slash, benefits from its popularity and affordability, making it easy to find a wide range of upgrades and replacement parts. Whether you need to replace broken components or upgrade to aluminum parts for improved handling, there are numerous options available. It’s worth noting that while the parts are affordable and readily available, the process of installing them may require some technical knowledge and skills. The Nitro Slash provides ample opportunities for enthusiasts to customize and create their own unique RC car by converting various plastic parts to aluminum.

Things I Don’t Like About this RC Car: To be honest, there is nothing inherently dislikable about the Traxxas Nitro Slash. While some may prefer aluminum parts over plastic, it’s important to consider that the Slash series caters to a specific audience seeking affordable RC cars. From a conceptual standpoint, Traxxas made the right choice in utilizing plastic parts to maintain affordability. Therefore, there are no significant drawbacks to mention about this RC nitro beast.

Great Things About the Traxxas Nitro Slash: There are several notable features worth mentioning about the Traxxas Nitro Slash. The aluminum chassis plate significantly contributes to the overall durability and handling of the RC car, surpassing expectations. Additionally, the inclusion of a powerful 3.3 engine exceeded initial expectations, providing impressive performance. The Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) system proves to be a useful feature, particularly for 2WD RC cars, which can be challenging to control at full throttle. If there are any other features you appreciate in this RC car, feel free to share them in the comments below.

Traxxas Nitro Slash Price: One of the key reasons behind the popularity of the Traxxas Slash series is its affordable price. The Nitro Slash follows suit, offering an attractive price point compared to other RC cars like the Jato and Revo. Not only does the Slash series strike a balance

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