Upgrading Your Latrax Prerunner: Unleash Its Full Potential

Even if you have a great RC car like the Latrax Prerunner, there is always room for improvement. Upgrading your Latrax Prerunner can enhance its performance, increase speed, improve stability, and provide better grip. However, it is important to choose the right parts to ensure compatibility and avoid damaging your RC car. In this article, we will explore the best Latrax Prerunner upgrades, offering you both top choices and exact versions for your RC car.

The Battery: Unlocking Enhanced Performance

While the Latrax Prerunner comes with a battery and charger included, upgrading to a better battery can significantly improve performance. A higher-performance battery, such as a 2s Lipo battery, can provide increased power and longer run times. Upgrading the battery is a simple process that requires no experience, and the benefits of improved performance make it a worthwhile upgrade for your Latrax Prerunner.

Brushless Motor: Unleashing Speed and Power

The Latrax Prerunner comes with a brushed motor, but upgrading to a brushless motor can take your RC car to new heights. A brushless motor offers greater speed and power, delivering an exhilarating driving experience. While upgrading the motor requires some technical knowledge and may involve disassembling parts, the performance boost is well worth the effort. Consider upgrading to a brushless motor to unlock the full potential of your Latrax Prerunner.

Pinion Gear: Fine-Tuning Performance

The pinion gear, connected to the motor, plays a crucial role in determining speed. Choosing the right pinion gear size can adjust your Latrax Prerunner’s speed and acceleration. It is important to find the right balance to avoid putting excessive strain on the motor. With the upgrade to a brushless motor, the motor can handle higher speeds, allowing for more flexibility in selecting the pinion gear. Take caution to monitor motor temperature when making changes to the pinion gear.

Spur Gear: Optimizing Power Transmission

The spur gear is connected to the central driveshaft and influences the overall power transmission of the Latrax Prerunner. Selecting the appropriate spur gear size in combination with the pinion gear allows for fine-tuning performance. A larger spur gear can provide increased top speed, while a smaller spur gear enhances acceleration. Consider your driving preferences and the desired balance between speed and acceleration when choosing a spur gear.

Steering Servo: Enhancing Control

With the increased speed and power from the brushless motor upgrade, upgrading the steering servo is essential for maintaining control. A faster and more responsive steering servo allows for quicker response to your commands, ensuring precise control at high speeds. While upgrading the steering servo may require some technical expertise, the improved control and maneuverability make it a valuable addition to your Latrax Prerunner.

Shock Caps: Durability and Performance

The shock caps, which hold the springs in place, are prone to breakage in stock form. Upgrading to aluminum shock caps improves durability and ensures reliable performance. The installation of new shock caps is relatively simple, and the added strength helps your Latrax Prerunner withstand high jumps and demanding terrains.

Suspension Arms: Strengthening Performance and Appearance

Upgrading the suspension arms of your Latrax Prerunner enhances both performance and appearance. Stock plastic suspension arms are prone to cracking, especially during intense off-road driving. Upgrading to aluminum suspension arms improves durability and stability, allowing for more aggressive driving without the risk of component failure. Additionally, aluminum suspension arms provide a sleek and stylish look to your RC car.

Driveshafts: Increasing Power Transfer

The driveshafts are responsible for transferring power from the central driveshaft to the wheels. Stock plastic driveshafts can be vulnerable to damage, affecting power transfer and overall performance. Upgrading to aluminum driveshafts ensures reliable power transmission and enhances durability. With aluminum driveshafts, you can confidently tackle rough terrains without worrying about component failure.

Wheel Hexes: Adding Style and Stability

While not essential for performance, upgrading to aluminum wheel hexes can enhance both the style and stability of your Latrax Prerunner. Wheel hexes are responsible for securing the wheels to the chassis, and aluminum hexes offer improved strength and stability. Upgrading to aluminum wheel hexes not only ensures reliable wheel attachment but also adds a touch of visual appeal to your RC car.

By incorporating these top Latrax Prerunner upgrades into your RC car, you can unlock its full potential and enjoy an enhanced driving experience. Carefully select the upgrades that suit your preferences and driving style, and consider seeking assistance if needed. With the right upgrades, your Latrax Prerunner will become a high-performance machine capable of conquering any terrain.

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